The Day by Day History of the United States
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The Day by Day History of the United States

April 13Trivia powered by Prof. Walter

  • 1613 – Samuel Argall captures American Indian princess Pocahontas in Passapatanzy, Virginia to ransom her for some English prisoners held by her father. She is brought to Henricus as hostage.

  • 1777 – American Revolutionary War: American forces are ambushed and defeated in the Battle of Bound Brook, New Jersey.

  • 1796 – The first elephant ever seen in the United States arrives from India.

  • 1861 – American Civil War: Fort Sumter surrenders to Confederate forces.

  • 1870 –The New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art is founded.

  • 1873 – The Colfax massacre, in which more than 60 African Americans are murdered, takes place.

  • 1902 – James C. Penney opens his first store in Kemmerer, Wyoming.

  • 1919 – Eugene V. Debs is imprisoned at the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta, Georgia, for speaking out against the draft during World War I.

  • 1943 – The Jefferson Memorial is dedicated in Washington, D.C., on the 200th anniversary of President Thomas Jefferson's birth.

  • 1953 –CIA director Allen Dulles launches the mind-control program MKULTRA.

  • 1958 – Cold War: American Van Cliburn wins the inaugural International Tchaikovsky Competition in Moscow.

  • 1960 – The United States launches Transit 1-B, the world's first satellite navigation system.

  • 1964 – At the Academy Awards, Sidney Poitier becomes the first African-American male to win the Best Actor award for the 1963 film Lilies of the Field.

  • 1970 –An oxygen tank aboard Apollo 13 explodes, putting the crew in great danger and causing major damage to the spacecraft while en route to the Moon.

  • 1972 – Vietnam War: The Battle of An Loc begins.

  • 1974 – Western Union (in cooperation with NASA and Hughes Aircraft) launches the United States' first commercial geosynchronous communications satellite, Westar 1.

  • 1976 – The United States Treasury Department reintroduces the two-dollar bill as a Federal Reserve Note on Thomas Jefferson's 233rd birthday as part of the United States Bicentennial celebration.

  • 1992 –The Great Chicago flood devastates much of central Chicago.

  • 1997 – Tiger Woods becomes the youngest golfer to win the Masters Tournament.

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