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Mike's Recipe Submission


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Dear Alan's Kitchen,

I love your site and am constantly getting recipes for meals and tasty delights there.

I am a new addition to the cooking world, but love learning new things.  I have recently been watching my nephew, who is 3, and have had a hard time finding anything for him to eat, until I tried an old sandwich that I used to make back in my days in college.  

It is basically a glorified Grilled Cheese, but adopted the name the B.D. Nasty, or B.D. Special, as it was made with whatever we had left in the refrigerator at the time.  I have recently been making this for my picky nephew and he has absolutely loved it, he even has requested two sandwiches in one sitting and I just wanted to share. 

It's quick, easy, inexpensive, kid's love it (so far) and young adults will enjoy too.  I hope you consider this for posting on your site.  Thanks for your time.

Here's Mike's sandwich: click


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