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What is the Have Gun - Will Travel Episode?

What is the Have Gun - Will Travel Episode?  Take this quick FUN TV Westerns Trivia. "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Film and TV Westerns1) Paladin seeks the job of seizing a rancher's son-in-law at Perdido, an isolated Mexican city of outlaws run by outlaws for outlaws.
Cast includes: Richard Boone, Janice Rule, Jack Lord, Judson Pratt, Harry Shannon, Francis McDonald, Kam Tong, Chris Drake, Theodore Marcuse, Martin Garralaga, and Gene Roth.
What is the Have Gun - Will Travel episode?

  • Highland Heights
  • Perdido del Sol
  • Three Bells to Perdido
  • Mexico Heartland

2) Paladin accepts the task of capturing an escaped criminal, only to form an irregular bond with the convicted man.
Cast includes: Richard Boone, Charles Bronson, Grant Withers, Steve Mitchell, Barry Cahill, Peggy Stewart, Kam Tong, and Warren Parker.
What is the Have Gun - Will Travel episode?

  • The Outlaw
  • The Lawman
  • The Gunfighter
  • The Killer

3) Paladin gambles on eluding an accomplished team of man-hunters in their own stretch of arid wasteland - with the help of an unorthodox Army surplus purchase.
Cast includes: Richard Boone, Lawrence Dobkin, Claude Akins, Earle Hodgins, Jonathan Hole, William Fawcett, Hal Smith, and Walter Reed.
What is the Have Gun - Will Travel episode?

  • The Great Sahara Chase
  • The Great Mojave Chase
  • The Great Land Race
  • The Great Rancher

4) When the man in black chooses to aid a tormented Cherokee ranch owner, his actions lead to questions of which side he's really on.
Cast includes: Richard Boone, Anthony Caruso, Carol Thurston, Leo Gordon, Don Keefer, Robert Karnes, Vic Perrin , Rocky Shahan, and James Parnell.
What is the Have Gun - Will Travel episode?

  • Winchester Quarantine
  • Winchester ‘73
  • Winchester Rifle
  • Winchester Land Rush

5) Paladin secures some ill feelings when he hires his gun to an accused murderer, but may have to fight an altogether unexpected foe in order to keep the terms of his contract.
Cast includes: Richard Boone, Harold J. Stone, Angie Dickinson, Strother Martin, Roy Barcroft, Steven Terrell, Willis Bouchey, Burt Nelson, Ken Mayer, John Mitchum,Kam Tong, Theodore Marcuse, and Peter Brocco
What is the Have Gun - Will Travel episode?

  • A Matter of Faith
  • A Matter of Ethics
  • A Matter of Facts
  • A Matter of Hope

6) Paladin forsakes a possibly lucrative appointment in order to guard a young woman from desert perils.
Cast includes: Richard Boone, Marian Seldes, Mike Connors, Bruce Gordon, and Barry Cahill.
What is the Have Gun - Will Travel episode?

  • The Bride
  • The Groom
  • The Bridesmaids
  • The Wedding

7) When a simple theater invitation turns into a case of assassination, Paladin takes an expensive contract that may prove even more irregular than he realizes.
Cast includes: Richard Boone, June Vincent, Michael Pate, Gerald Milton, Onslow Stevens, Ned Glass, Kam Tong, Abel Fernandez, Roberto Contreras, and Rocky Shahan
What is the Have Gun - Will Travel episode?

  • Strange Killings
  • Strange Vendetta
  • The Lost Vendetta
  • Paladin’s Vendetta

8) Paladin plays the sportsman, reluctantly for once, in an effort to reunite a fallen circus performer with his dignity
Cast includes: Richard Boone, Strother Martin, John Dehner, Fay Spain, Buddy Baer, Jack Albertson, Theodore Marcuse, and Duane Grey.
What is the Have Gun - Will Travel episode?

  • High Wire
  • Canyon Walk
  • The Circus Man
  • Respect

9) An all-night poker match's deceptive pot gives Paladin strategic inspiration for ending a range war.
Cast includes: Richard Boone, Rodolfo Acosta, Russ Conway, Peter Coe, Joe Bassett, Vic Perrin, Ned Glass, Kam Tong, and Andy Brennan.
What is the Have Gun - Will Travel episode?

  • Show of Force
  • Show of Face
  • Range War
  • The Killing Range

10) Three men in black wait to be hanged the next day for a murder it seems any one of them might have committed. Of the three, one's holster bears a silver chess knight.
Cast includes: Richard Boone, Kent Smith, James Best, William Schallert, Michael Granger, and Kenneth Alton.
What is the Have Gun - Will Travel episode?

  • The Long Day
  • The Long Ride
  • The Long Trip
  • The Long Night

Check Your Answers

What is the Have Gun - Will Travel Episode? [Answers]

  1. Three Bells to Perdido
  2. The Outlaw
  3. The Great Mojave Chase
  4. Winchester Quarantine
  5. A Matter of Ethics
  6. The Bride
  7. Strange Vendetta
  8. High Wire
  9. Show of Force
  10. The Long Night

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