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What is the Cheyenne Episode?

What is the Cheyenne Episode?  Take this quick FUN TV Westerns Trivia. "Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

Film and TV Westerns1) Cheyenne meets Sam Magruder in a bar fight.  He befriends Sam during an attempted robbery.  Sam offers him a partnership and they ride out to one of his holdings, a mine.  Sam is killed and Cheyenne is hurt in a cave-in and when he awakens he meets a stranger who helped him out of the mine.  After he recovers, he answers an ad that asks for Cheyenne Bodie to come to Denver and contact attorney Phillip Derwent.  When he finds out the ad had already been answered by Mr. Bodie, he rides out to the Magruder ranch posing as Lano, a hired hand looking for a job.  He finds a lawyer bent on cashing in on the Magruder fortune, a son who returned to claim his rightful fortune and a sniveling Cheyenne Bodie who is the front man for the whole charade.

Cast includes: Clint Walker, James Drury, Duane Grey, John Parks, Kasey Rogers, Mickey Simpson, and Peter Whitney.
What is the Cheyenne episode?

  • The Imposter
  • The Rebellion
  • Wagon-Tongue North
  • The Virginian

2) Cheyenne and Smitty track a band of outlaws across the border to a small Mexican village.

Cast includes: Clint Walker, Adele Mara, L.Q. Jones, Lisa Montell, Mon Healey, Richard Reeves, Eugene Iglesias, James Burke, Edward Colmans, and Martin Garralaga
What is the Cheyenne episode?

  • Mountain Fortress
  • Julesburg
  • The Argonauts
  • Border Showdown

3) Cheyenne rides the stagecoach into town. He works for the cattleman's association and is investigating the recent killing of a suspected cattle rustler. He meets an old friend who taught him quite a bit about life and the law when he worked for him as a deputy. Things don't make sense when the more he investigates the more he is convinced his old friend may be mixed up not only in the rustling but also in the murders that have been done to try to cover that up.

Cast includes: Clint Walker Lane Chandler, Richard Collier, Paul Engle, Charles Horvath, Andrea King Stafford Repp, Harry Strang, Pierre Watkin, and Grant Withers.
What is the Cheyenne episode?

  • The Long Winter
  • Death Deals the Hand
  • The Law Man
  • The Dark Rider

4) A fortune in diamonds awaits anyone who gets to it first. Murder and arson are just some of the ways of keeping some from succeeding. A stranger follows Cheyenne and the treasure hunting party but is he all they have to worry about?

Cast includes: Clint Walker, Joanna Barnes, Marc Cavell, Robert Foulk, Myron Healey, Jack La Rue, Tom McKee, Ainslie Pryor and Gene Roth.
What is the Cheyenne episode?

  • Incident at Indian Springs
  • The Conspirators
  • The Mutton Puncher
  • Devil's Canyon

5) Cheyenne is hired to hunt for buffalo. Every time he finds some, they are scared off. He is starting to wonder if this party was such a good idea. Was he hired to kill buffalo, get mixed up in gambling, come between husband/wife squabbles or the latest news -- be scalped by a Sioux raiding party?

Cast includes: Clint Walker, Shirley Ballard, Charlie Briggs, Robert Clarke, Walter Coy, Ray Danton, Clyde Howdy, Patricia Huston, Michael Keep, Carlyle Mitchell, James Waters.
What is the Cheyenne episode?

  • Savage Breed
  • Crime Scene
  • Trouble Street
  • The Killer

6) The citizens of Lehigh rejoice when the bank is robbed. It seems that the banker is the most hated man in town, nobody was sorry to see his bank robbed, and they definitely do not want the robbers caught.

Cast includes: Clint Walker, John Anderson, Angela Austin, Kevin Brodie, Jason Evers, Percy Helton, William Lally, Richard Monahan, Jimmy Murphy, John Rodney, Jake Sheffield, Randy Stuart, Kelly Thordsen,and Guy Wilkerson.
What is the Cheyenne episode?

  • Retaliation
  • Day's Pay
  • The Banker
  • Get Even

7) At Jud Ainsley's murder trial, evidence turns up that discredits lawman Harry Thomas' testimony, and in fact Thomas is arrested and charged with robbery. However, after a mysterious gang attacks the van taking Thomas to prison, Cheyenne begins to suspect that Thomas was, as he claimed, framed.

Cast includes: Clint Walker, Chris Alcaide, James Anderson, Frank Cady, Jeanne Cooper, Michael Greene, Jack Harmon, Clyde Howdy, Charles Irving, I. Stanford Jolley, John Litel, William Mims, Mike Road, and Ray Teal.
What is the Cheyenne episode?

  • The Quick and the Deadly
  • The Gun Runner
  • Medic
  • Wire Cheyenne

8) Cheyenne scatters his horse after being chased by the Sioux. While walking he comes upon a prospector who mistakenly thinks he is a claim jumper. After almost killing him, he must deal with a lonely woman, three desperate convicts and a Sioux uprising that threatens them all especially if they find the gold that is hidden.

Cast includes: Clint Walker, Walter Barnes, Angie Dickinson, Michael Forest, James Garner, Clark Howat, Michael Pate, and Kelly Thordsen.
What is the Cheyenne episode?

  • Hang �em
  • War Party
  • Sioux
  • Have Gun

9) Cheyenne hires on as the new foreman at Moon Mesa after receiving a letter from the owner Hub Lassiter. Cheyenne senses the tension when he meets Hub's daughter Ellen who is confined to a wheelchair after an accident many years earlier. Hub is suspicious of anyone who looks twice at her, proving that by running off the previous foreman Clay. After working many years to create the Mesa from the ground up, Hub would like his stepson Wes to show him that he can do more than just ride into town to get the mail. Cheyenne soon learns from some of the crew that Hub isn't the only one to steer clear of at the ranch - that would be his stepson!

Cast includes: Clint Walker, Russ Bender, Willard Callis, Frank Christi, Bill Cord, Dean Cromer, Richard S. Hornbeck, George Kennedy, John McNamara, Tom Middleton, Madlyn Rhue, Robert F. Simon, Chuck Wassil, and Don Wilbanks.
What is the Cheyenne episode?

  • Julesburg
  • The Travelers
  • West of the River
  • Prisoner of Moon Mesa

10) Cheyenne rides into town smack dab into an age-old range war - cattle vs. sheep. He attempts to dispel an old myth that the two can't graze together. His opposition: the whole town.

Cast includes: Clint Walker, Greg Benedict, Kathy Bennett, Jim Boles, Joan Caulfield, Andrew Duggan, James Griffith, Ralph Neff, Gene Roth, K.L. Smith, James Stacy, and Ray Teal.
What is the Cheyenne episode?

  • Star in the Dust
  • Johnny Bravo
  • Showdown at Oxbend
  • The Long Winter

Check Your Answers

What is the Cheyenne Episode? [Answers]

  1. The Imposter
  2. Border Showdown
  3. The Law Man
  4. Devil's Canyon
  5. Savage Breed
  6. Retaliation
  7. The Quick and the Deadly
  8. War Party
  9. Prisoner of Moon Mesa
  10. Showdown at Oxbend

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