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Where Am I?
The Ultimate Alabama State Park
Place Names Trivia

These are all well known the Ultimate Alabama State Park Place Names.  I will give you some information and you pick the correct place. "Check Your Answers" at the end of the page.

Trivia powered by Prof. Walter1) I am a 357-acre state park in Choctaw County, Alabama, centered around four mineral springs. My facilities include campsites, shelters, tables, and grills.

I am named for the original patentee of the property. James Conner opens the property to the public as a spa in 1838 after the mineral springs' "curative" properties begin to become well known in the area. The springs are analyzed by a state geologist in 1845 and found to contain sulfur, iron, magnesium, and calcium. By this time the grounds contained many small cottages, with a capacity for 100 guests.

In 1846 a grand Greek Revival style hotel with a two-story veranda across the full length of the front is constructed as the center piece of the spa. The hotel's two main floors are supported by a full raised brick basement level. The hotel has a capacity for 200 guests. It is one of the largest wooden hotels ever built in Alabama. Today the only reminder of the my history is the springs themselves.
Where Am I?

  • Conner Springs State Park
  • Bladon Springs State Park
  • Iron Springs State Park
  • Cottage Springs State Park

2) I am located in Baldwin County, Alabama on the Tensaw River delta. I encompass an area once occupied by settlers in what is a thriving community on the river. Later, Confederate soldiers are garrisoned here and fight in the last major battle of the American Civil War against superior Union forces. In 1993, I am named a Class A Civil War site by the United States Congress. Little evidence remains today of the town. Prior to the establishment of the town, an ancient Native American village exists and, later, a large plantation occupies this location.
Where Am I?

  • Historic Birmingham State Park
  • Historic Franklin State Park
  • Historic Blakeley State Park
  • Historic Moseby State Park

3) I am located in northern Marshall County, Alabama, southeast of the town of Woodville. I am first developed as an attraction by Jay Gurley in the late 1950s. I am declared a National Natural Landmark in June 1972. I am a Karst cave and have a large stalagmite forest. I hold 4 world records.  Mr. Gurley maintains me as a tourist attraction from 1959 to 1974. I am sold in 1975 at an auction. The State of Alabama buys me in 1987 with the intent to reopen me as a state park. After funding delays, restoration work actually begins in 1995. In May 2000, I am re-opened to the public.
Where Am I?

  • Cathedral Caverns State Park
  • Angel Caverns State Park
  • Camptown Caverns State Park
  • Wood Caverns State Park

4) I am a 520-acre state park in Marengo County, Alabama. I am located 3 miles north of Linden, Alabama. You find me midway between Tuscaloosa and Mobile. I feature hiking trails, a wading pool for children, playground equipment, and restrooms. Picnic facilities include a barbecue grilling pavilion, other large pavilions and scattered picnic tables. I adjoin a handicapped-accessible, state-operated hunting facility.
Where Am I?

  • Hancock State Park
  • Washington State Park
  • Fenway State Park
  • Chickasaw State Park

5) Stretching along the shores of beautiful 500-acre Lake Jackson, I am a compact 40-acre park offers swimming, paddleboat rentals, fishing and picnicking, as well as a complete community building and a modern lakeside campground. Water skiing and personal watercraft are allowed on the lake. I am located on the Alabama/Florida state line, this park has the perfect climate for campers seeking to avoid those harsh winter months up north.
Where Am I?

  • Florala State Park
  • Border State Park
  • Macon State Park
  • De Sota State Park

6) Located on Wheeler Lake, I offer something for everyone; a resort lodge, a restaurant, cabins, camping, fishing, golf, tennis, swimming, convention/banquet facilities, transient slips and a marina. Whether you're looking for a place to spend the weekend or a place to have the perfect wedding, I can be your dream destination. From small church groups to large conventions, my experienced staff can make your special occasion organized and stress free. I am located in Northwest Alabama, two miles west of Rogersville, off U.S. Highway 72, I am about 50 miles west of Huntsville and 27 miles east of Florence. Interstate 65 and Athens are 22 miles east of me
Where Am I?

  • Paul W. (Bear) Bryant State Park
  • Jimmy Buffett State Park
  • George Wallace State Park
  • Joe Wheeler State Park

7) I am a state park located in Spanish Fort, Alabama. You can access me from the Battleship Parkway, also known locally as the Mobile Bay Causeway. My 1,327-acre facility is located on an island located at the north end of the bay and surrounded by wetlands of the Mobile Bay estuary. I am available for day use or camping. My camping area has 48 individual campsites. I also feature picnic areas, two nature trails with a boardwalk through the wetlands, a boat ramp and a fishing pier.
Where Am I?

  • Martha State Park
  • Meaher State Park
  • Meaning State Park
  • Mayer State Park

8) As Alabama's largest park, I provide 9,940 acres of pine-studded ridges and lush green hardwood bottoms. I offer vacation cottages, golf, pro shop with snack bar, improved camping, picnicking, swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, mountain bike trails, backpacking, a demonstration farm and horseback riding facilities. With the largest area and variety of outdoor recreational pursuits, I am sure to provide excitement for every member of the family! I am located in Pelham, Alabama and is convenient (via a short drive on I-65) to Birmingham, Alabama's largest city. I am also home to the Alabama Wildlife Center, Alabama's largest wildlife rehabilitation facility. The center treats more than 2,000 injured animals per year.
Where Am I?

  • Oak Mountain
  • Pine Mountain
  • Cedar Mountain
  • Cotton Mountain

9) Experience the thrill of my miracle mile of underground caverns! The 260 million-year-old limestone formations, blind cave fish and underground pool are just a few of the natural wonders exhibited in the colorful cavern. I feature an Olympic-size swimming pool, snack bar, picnic area, large and small picnic shelter, hiking trails, playground, campground and gift shop.

I am a recognized member of the National Caves Association, and offer more than a mile of living geology. My caverns themselves are water-formed during the Mississippian period over 260 million years ago. I still contain active "living formations," as mineral-laden water droplets build colorful structures and flowstones. I reveal that I am carved from an ocean bed - shell fragments and fossils of marine life are clearly visible along my cavern ceiling and walls. Many curiosities are featured on guided tours of the "miracle mile". I am located in Warrior, Alabama, near Oneonta.
Where Am I?

  • Rickwood Caverns State Park
  • Hardwood Caverns State Park
  • Pine Needle Caverns State Park
  • Tonto Peaks Caverns State Park

10) I am a state park in Alabama. I cover 1,445 acres along the shores of scenic Lake Martin, that is a 41,000-acre clear-water reservoir perfect for fishing, swimming and boating. My facilities include the largest state-operated campground in the United States with 626 sites. 187 sites are waterfront allowing campers to fish, swim and boat right out their back door. Other facilities include a marina, camp store, fishing pier, hiking trails, playground and picnic areas with tables, grills and shelters.
Where Am I?

  • Wind Creek State Park
  • Martin Creek State Park
  • Catman Creek State Park
  • Ending Creek State Park

Check Your Answers

Where Am I? The Ultimate Alabama State Park Place Names Trivia [Answers]

  1. Bladon Springs State Park
  2. Historic Blakeley State Park
  3. Cathedral Caverns State Park
  4. Chickasaw State Park
  5. Florala State Park
  6. Joe Wheeler State Park
  7. Meaher State Park
  8. Oak Mountain
  9. Rickwood Caverns State Park
  10. Wind Creek State Park

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