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Honda Super Cub

What do you know about the Honda Motorcycles - Super Cub
Take this quick Ultimate Motorcycles Challenge.
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

1) Honda Super Cub, (originally the Honda C100 or Honda 50) also known as the Honda Cub, is an underbone motorcycle with a 49 cc four-stroke engine in continuous manufacture by Honda since its 1958 introduction. With more than 60 million manufactured worldwide, the Super Cub is the best-selling motor vehicle in history.

  • True or False?

2) What is the current horsepower on the Honda Super Cub?

  1. 1.9 hp
  2. 2.9 hp
  3. 3.9 hp
  4. 4.9 hp

3) What is the current max speed on the Honda Super Cub?

  1. 30 mph
  2. 40 mph
  3. 50 mph
  4. 60 mph

4) An underbone is a small motorcycle built on a frame consisting mostly of one large diameter tubular component.

  • True or False?

5) The original Honda Cub had been a clip-on bicycle engine.
When was the Cub first introduced?

  1. 1947

  2. 1952

  3. 1956

  4. 1958

6) Around 1967, the cycle was up-rated, the engine going from pushrod 4.5 bhp.
What was the up-rated engine?

  1. SOHC 1.9 bhp

  2. SOHC 2.9 bhp

  3. SOHC 3.9 bhp

  4. SOHC 4.9 bhp

7) What is the Super Cub’s length?

  1. 51 in.

  2. 6 in.

  3. 71 in.

  4. 81 in.

8) What is the wheelbase?

  1. 46.3 in.

  2. 47.3 in.

  3. 48.3 in.

  4. 49.3 in.

9) Glen Campbell and Hal Blaine composed the song "Little Honda", which was a reference to the Cub model.

  • True or False?

10) In 2006, on the Discovery Channel's The Greatest Ever series, an episode on motorcycles ranked.
What did the 1958 49 cc Super Cub place?

  1. 1st

  2. 3rd

  3. 5th

  4. 10th

Honda Super Cub

1) True  2) C.  3) C.  4) True  5) B.  6) D.  7) C.  8) A.  9) False. Brian Wilson and Mike Love composed the song "Little Honda", which was a reference to the Cub model.  10) A.

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