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Honda Civic (first generation)

What do you know about the Honda Civic (first generation)
Take this quick Ultimate Car Challenge. 
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.
Cars Trivia from Alan's Fun Trivia Quizzes

1) In 1973, Honda began selling the 1,169 cc transversely mounted inline-four engine Civic for about what in US dollars?

A. $2,200
B. $4,200
C. $8,200
D. $11,600

2) The Civic was largely developed as a new platform, and was the result of taking the previous Honda and increasing the length, width, height, and wheelbase. What was the Honda Civic predecessor ?

A. Rachel
B. N600
C. Cummins
D. Texaco

3) The engine displacement was almost double the previous Honda at 1,170 cc, with two more cylinders added. What was the carís horsepower produced?

A. 10 hp
B. 35 hp
C. 50 hp
D. 100 hp

4) What was the Hondamatic?

A. air conditioning
B. automatic transmission
C. radial tires
D. rear wiper

5) What did the Honda Civic achieve on US miles per gallon on the highway?

A. 10 mpg
B. 35 mpg
C. 40 mpg
D. 100 mpg

6) The Honda Civic had a small 86.6-inch wheelbase and 139.8-inch (3,550 mm) overall length. What did the Civic weigh? 1,500 pounds (680 kg).
A. 500 pounds
B. 1,000 pounds
C. 1,250 pounds
D. 1,500 pounds

7) What year did the five-door hatchback appear in the United States?

A. 1978
B. 1988
C. 1998
D. 2008

8) In the US, the advertising campaign used to introduce the Civic was, "Honda, we make it simple." The tagline was later used with other Honda motor vehicles until the model year when the company revamped its product lineup. What was the year?

A. 1984
B. 1988
C. 1998
D. 2008

9) The CVCC (Compound Vortex Controlled Combustion) engine debuted and was offered alongside the standard Civic engine. What was the year?

A. 1964
B. 1973
C. 1975
D. 2008

10) A five-speed manual transmission became available, as did a Civic station wagon (only with the 1500 CVCC engine), which had a wheelbase of 89.9 inches and an overall length of 160 inches. What was the year?

A. 1964
B. 1973
C. 1975
D. 1974


Honda Civic (first generation)

1) A. 2) B. 3) C. 4) B. 5) C. 6) D. 7) A. 8) A. 9) C. 10) D.


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