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Ford Falcon

What do you know about the Ford Falcon
Take this quick Ultimate Car Challenge
"Check Your Answers" at the end of the quiz.

1) Edsel Ford first used the term "Falcon" for a more luxurious Ford he designed in 1935. He decided the new car did not fit with Ford's other offerings, so this design eventually became the Mercury.Cars Trivia from Alan's Fun Trivia Quizzes

  • True or False?

2) The Ford Falcon was an automobile produced by Ford Motor Company. Variations of the Ford Falcon were NOT manufactured in in what country?

  1. Argentina

  2. Japan

  3. Canada

  4. Mexico

3) The "Big Three" auto manufacturers (GM, Ford and Chrysler), focused purely on the larger and more profitable vehicles in the US and Canadian markets. All three manufacturers realized that this strategy would no longer work. Large automobiles were becoming increasingly expensive, making smaller European cars such as increasingly attractive.  What is a European auto maker?

  1. Studebaker

  2. Rambler

  3. Volkswagens

  4. Abbott

4)The project which became the Falcon was started and sponsored by the Ford General Manager, who commissioned a team to create what by American standards of the time would be a small car but elsewhere in the world considered a mid-size.  Who was the Ford General Manager?

  1. Robert S. McNamara

  2. Tedd Morgan

  3. Robert Gricewich

  4. Mark Reynolds

5) The first Falcon was powered by a small, lightweight 144 CID straight-6 motor with a single-barrel carburetor. What was the horsepower?

  1. 190 hp

  2. 175 hp

  3. 125 hp

  4. 90 hp

6) Ford Falcon brochure featured Charlie Brown and Lucy from the Peanuts comic strip.

  • True or False?

7) Ford boasted of the good fuel economy achieved by the six-cylinder Ford Falcon models in advertising. The fuel economy was good, a claimed 30mpg, compared to other American cars at the time. What was the miles per gallon (mpg) claim?

  1. 15 mpg

  2. 20 mpg

  3. 25 mpg

  4. 30 mpg

8) What dealt Falcon sales in North America a blow from which they would never recover.

  1. The Mustang

  2. The Dart

  3. The Champ

  4. The Sprint

9) What is NOT a body style of the 1966 - 1970 Ford Falcon?

  1. 2-door coupe

  2. 4-door sedan

  3. 4-door van

  4. 5-door station wagon

10) On January 1, 1970, the Falcon name was transferred to a low priced version of what contemporary Ford?

  1. Comrade

  2. Fairlane

  3. Miraclemile

  4. Jefferson


Ford Falcon

1) True  2) B.  3) C.  4) A.  5) D.  6) True  7) D.  8) A.  9) C.  10)B.


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